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slowly learning to accept myself. People said things to me, bullying me wanting it to hurt and ruin me. And it did. They got exactly what they wanted. I got scared to even leave the house sometimes in fear of being hurt again. They wanted me depressed and didn’t care that I hated myself. I am so threw with that now! This is my life I have to live!! Those bitches and jackasses go to sleep at night while I stare in mirrors crying. Forget that from this point on. I’ve haven’t liked myself for so long it became a habit. Even after making a freaking BodyPosi page I STILL had self esteem issues. Not anymore. No more. I won’t keep doing this to myself. If you call me ugly I won’t care anymore. I’m not going to give up on life because of people being cruel and inconsiderate. I’m loved and that’s all that matters. I’ll think of the people that do care and have nice things to say. These bullies aren’t going to get to me like this anymore. I have to grow up and I have to live and I want to do it happily. I am beautiful whether you agree with it or not. I’m going to be ME today and tomorrow even if it makes you uncomfortable. I will love who I am.

One day soon, I’m gonna love who I am.

me:  instantly jumps to worst possible conclusion